DMRC - Huda City Centre Metro Station Extension

The most challenging part of the project was the prescribed time limit. It required work around the clock approach. At the last moment, some political forces surfaced and the design of the structure was to be changed. Running against the clock, the entire designing was to be done within a few days without compromising on stability and aesthetics. KN Structural Engineers managed all that with dedicated pool of staff and helped DMRC in making the metro station functional on time.

DRDO - Brahmos Messile Shed

The Brahmo’s missile shed was to be made and unlike civilian projects, it required unsurpassed exactness. Technical specifications of the project demanded so. It was to be 160 meters long, clear span structure. The project was handed over to KN Structural Engineers through a third party, for it required expertise of a firm that could handle the project with due accuracy. The organization designed it in such a manner that it became a benchmark and was used as reference in future projects of the same kind.
Kohat Enclave

Kohat Enclave Footover Bridge

Delhi Metro came to us for the proposed Kohat Enclave foot over bridge. As always with DMRC projects, meeting the time line is always a challenge. We had done it in the past successfully and this time around as well, we matched their expectations. The structure was praised highly by senior level management of Delhi metro and they ended up awarding us a few more projects.
Manish Textiles

Factory Shed for Manish Textiles

When we decided to award the project to KN Structural Engineers, after thorough considerations. It was with a surety that they will be able to execute the project according to our specific needs. It was our most ambitious venture but the meetings with youthful management convinced us to go with them and as they had executed such projects before, the choice became easy. Their technical expertise and know how became a resource for us and the project was completed under the difference margin of three percent. They aligned themselves with our expectations and matched it at every stage. We recommend them highly. ~ Manish Textiles
Nueclear Health Care

Nueclear Health Care

We were struggling with the installation of cyclotron machine, for the building where it was to be installed seemed unable to take its monumental load. We enquired in the industry for assistance of someone who could help us in this arduous task. The name of KN Structural Engineers came forward as a recommendation from one of the former clients of that organization. The discussion with the Principle Consultant, Er Karan Dhall was so impressive that we left the structure in his hands entirely. KN Structural Engineers strengthened the structure for us within the estimated time that was provided to them, and working against the clock, and helped us make the structure suitable for the installation of machine. ~Nueclear Health Care
Pure Cosmetics

PEB with Mezzanine Floors for Avalon Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd.

We utilized the faculty of KN Structural Engineers in the design and erection of our Ponta Sahib facility. After multiple searches on internet, and meeting the representatives of too many PEB companies, we choose KN Structural Engineers. The choice was well made and the relationship continues till date. We recommend their services and expertise. ~Avalon Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd.
Royal Engenerring

Multistory Steel Building for Royal Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

There are not many firms in India who expertise in the construction of multistory steel buildings. KN Structural Engineers was the obvious choice for our ambitious project, and the name was recommended to us by an industry insider. Standing true to the promised time frame, which was very important in our case, they erected the structure which was a complex feat of engineering achievement. We would look forward to work with them in future. They come highly recommend from us. ~Royal Engineering
Spider Locks

Spider Locks

We were expanding and needed a factory shed for our newest manufacturing unit. Moreover, it was to be designed and erected in such a manner that could facilitate and incorporate the future expansion plans. KN Structural Engineers provided us just the thing that we needed, at the time we needed. I was pleased with their professional attitude towards work. We congratulate and thank them for the work that they did. We will surely get in touch with them once we move forward with the expansion. ~Spider Locks
URM Warehouses

Warehouse For URM Warehouses

We were making our fourth warehouse close to Patna and our previous experiences of warehouse design and erection had taught us a thing or two about how important it is to find the right company for this job. To say the least, our previous experiences with some of the big players hasn’t been too great. KN Structural Engineers was suggested to us by a business friend who got his own warehouse made from them. They orchestrated the entire process so deftly and swiftly that it became a benchmark for us. We loved how coordinated they were. Will look forward to work with them again. ~URM Warehouses