design of peb structure for ASPEE

PEB Structure Design for ASPEE

ASPEE India is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of agriculture sprayers, crop dusters, Nozzles, etc. We designed and developed warehouse in pre-engineered building (PEB structure) for ASPEE Hara Bhara India at Kundli, Haryana.

Client: ASPEE Hara Bhara India

Project Location: Kundli, Haryana

peb structure design for spider locks, aligarh

PEB shed construction for Spider Locks

Shed was proposed at the top of the building for spider locks at Aligarh. The shed so constructed is a pre - engineered structure and analysis of structure is performed to check the strength as the base structure under consideration is an RCC building.

Client: Spider Locks

Project Location: Aligarh

solar peb structure for AISIN

PEB Structure Design for AISIN Automotive

AISIN seiki also known as aisin, is a Japanese corporation that develops and produces components and system for the automotive industry.Proof checking for solar structure on the roof of pre-engineered building structure (PEB Structure) of AISIN Automotive, Karnataka is done by KN Structural Engineers.

Client: AISIN Automotive

Project Location: Karnataka

peb building design for avalon cosmetics

PEB Construction for Avalon Cosmetics

Proposed factory shed in PEB design for two - story building (ground and first floor) with mezzanine floor on the first floor and shed on top of the roof for Avalon Cosmetics in Ponta Sahib. Such structures are safe from wind and earthquake.

Client: Pure Cosmetics

Project Location: Ponta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh

peb construction for bharti-walmart

PEB Structure Design for Bharti-Walmart

Proof checking and implementation of solar design for Bharti-Walmart, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The provided structure is completely a pre-engineered structure.

Client: Bharti-Walmart

Project Location: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

peb steel building for royal engineering

Multi-story PEB Building construction

We happen to deliver a five story pre-engineered building constructed entirely in steel for Royal Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Though economically designed, we managed to provide them the building at the same cost as that of commercial building.

Client: Royal Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Project Location: Wazirpur Industrial Area, Delhi

solar peb design for amazon india

Solar PEB Structure Design for Amazon

Proof checking of existing and addition of solar load over a Pre-engineered building structure (PEB) of fulfillment center for Amazon India, Mumbai. The area of the warehouse is 1,80,000 square ft.

Client: Amazon India

Project Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

peb structure design for dominos commisionary

PEB Construction for Dominos Commisionary

Design of a solar power plant with a total capacity of 200 KW in a pre - engineered Dominos Commisionary building (PEB) in Mumbai for Amplus solar. This is India’s largest commisionary and is used to store food products.

Client: Amplus Solar

Project Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra